Tenuta di Pietra Porzia, Frascati

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This is one of Lazio's most important wine producers. In 496 B.C. was the great battle between the Romans and the Latins, won by the Romans and in the exact place of the battle lies Tenuta di Pietra Porzia. In the winery we find the cave of long corridors, a 400 metres tunnel probably made during the Romans. Today it has been restored and is used for visits and tastings.
In 1714 the estate was divided by Pope Clement XI and the Prince Borghese, but it is in 1892 that the modern winery is established taking over from the ancient caves.

Shortly after the grandfather of the actual owners, the Giulini family, acquires 47 hectares of land, which today are 40 hectares of vineyards and 7 of olives. The estate is positioned with a magnificient view over Rome and Tivoli, but not all is history: The production is Frascati Superiore and the Black Label was in 2008 nominated the best white wine in Lazio. Furthermore white IGT and red Castelli Romani, not to forget the Cannellino DOC sweet wine.

Additional information: Main products: 2 Frascati Superiore DOC, white IGT, Castelli Romani DOC, Cannellino DOC. Olive oil.

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