Possessioni di Serego Alighieri & Masi, Garganago

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In the 14th century Dante Alighieri spent part of his exile in the Valpolicella area where the gentle hills inspired him to the final touch of Paradiso in La Divina Commedia. Dante's first son, Pietro, loved the lands and bought the Casal dei Ronchi, which was to become the home of this noble family since. In 1549 through marriage with the noble family Serego the family name turned into Serego Alighieri. In 1920 Count Pieralvise founded the School of Agricolture and Viticulture bringing a renaissance to the Veronese wines. In the 1970's Serego Alighieri went into modern wineproduction and it was the beginning of the collaboration with Masi. Today the possessions are 130 hectares of vineyards, mainly on the hills of Valpolicella, including the Vaio Armaron, considered as the best Amarone field all together. The Serego Alighieri has recently bought a winery in Tuscany so after 700 years the family's exile is over.
The Serego Alighieri wines have won numerous prices all over the world and together with Masi they present a vast selection of excellent wines, not least many kinds of Amarone.

Additional information: Main products: Vaio Armaron, Recioto, wide range of Masi wines. Grappa, olive oil, marmalades etc.

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