La Versa, Santa Maria della Versa

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La Versa is born in 1905 as a Cantina Sociale with 22 associated grape farmers. The idea is being born to produce the best possible wine and helping as many local farmers as possible. Over the years La Versa grows and today it consists of 750 associated grape farmers and 480 winemakers with a total of 1.300 hectares of vineyards in Valle Versa.
The size of La Versa allows for a wide selection of typical wines, but the backbone in the production is the Spumante Metodo Classico DOCG, of which La Versa produces no less than 6 different varieties. The most recent is Testarossa Principio, being created for the 100 years anniversary in 2005. It was the first Spumante Metodo Classico in Italy to be made of red grapes only, Pinot Nero. Besides the Metodo Classico La Versa also offers 9 different Spumante Metodo Martinotti, both as dry and sweet variants.
The still wines of La Versa are presented under the brand of Terre d'Alteni and has a wide range of both red and white wines on both local and international grapes. Another important part of La Versa is the distillery founded in 1977. The 5 different grappa is marketed under the brand Le Cresule.

La Versa has won many prices, mainly for their Spumante Metodo Classico, that became DOCG in 2007.

Additional information: Main products: 6 Spumante DOCG, 9 Spumante Metodo Martinotti, wide range of red and white wines. 5 different grappa

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