La Banca del Vino, Pollenzo

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La Bance del Vino is not a winery, but an Enoteca, meaning wineshop and tasting place. In these unique cellars, once belonging to the Royal family of the Savoia and dating back almost 200 years, there have been created on of the biggest collections of Italian top wines in the World. It is situated on the neogothic square which is part of 'The UNESCO Heritage' and also hosts The University of Gastronomic Science, from where started the Italian Slow Food Movement. La Banca del Vino have stored over 100.000 bottles in their cellars, some of these real collector's items. The visit includes the museum part and the possibility to visit all Italian wine regions in just one place.
For this reason La Banca del Vino often hosts wineauctions and other happenings in the world of Italian wine.

Additional information: Main products: 800 of Italy's most prestigious wines.

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