Il Rubino, Ghemme

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Il Rubino Cantine is in fact not a winery itself, but a company having more wineries. It was founded in 1998 by Alfredo Bertaccini, who is still today the manager. In the first years 16 hectares of wineyards were bought to reach the actual production of 130.000 bottles. The actual producers are divided in two historical wineries, Agostino Brugo with over 100 years of experience and Ca'de Santi, situated in Romagnano Sesia. This means Cantina dei Santi or the Saints' Cellar. This used to be a Benedictine abbey from 1008 until the era of Napoleon, where it was transformed into a winery. The etichettes show the 500 years old frescoes of the abbey. Apart from the wineries Il Rubino has also opened several restaurants and winebars, where their products can be enjoyed together with the traditional kitchen of the Novara Hills.
The wines produced are mainly based on the local varieties of grapes, such as Nebbiolo for Ghemme and Gattinara, but even Pinot Nero and Chardonnay creates the Spumante, which was used for the 75th Anniversary of Warner Brothers.

Additional information: Main products: Gattinara, Ghemme, Nini dessertwine, Brut Spumante, Vino dell'Abate.

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