Fattoria di Bagnolo, Impruneta

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(Marchesi Bartolini Baldelli)

The first documents of Fattoria di Bagnolo found date back to 1419. The farm was owned by the Machiavelli family from 1458 to 1585. In 1811 the Grand Duke of Tuscany granted his private counselor, Bartolommeo Bartolini Baldelli the title of Marchese. He even gave him the estate, since the Marchese had fallen in love with the place and the 16th century villa. Since then the estate has been in the Bartolini Baldelli possession. The actual owner has recently done vast renovations necessary to be able to run a modern wine production. Modern vinification and fermentation plants have been installed, but the ancient barricaia under the villa is still being used for aging the wines.
That the investment has paid off is clearly seen by the many both Italian and international awards won by the DOCG and IGT wines. They are appreciated for their high and most off all constant quality. The Fattoria di Bagnolo have 5 hectares of grapes for Chianti and 5 for IGT Tuscany. Otherwise the family have 2 other estates in Tuscany.

Additional information: Main products: Chianti Colli Fiorentini DOCG even as Riserva, Capro Rosso IGT, table wines red, white and rossato, Vin Santo. Grappa and olive oil

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