Castello di Spessa, Capriva del Friuli

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The origin of this marvellous castle is lost between history and legend, but it is said that already the Romans had guardtowers in this place. The first documents talk about the castle being constructed in the 13th century and the actual looks are a result of a reconstruction in 1881.
The earliest documents about wine production are from 1559 and even Giacomo Casanova highly appreciated the white wines of Castello di Spessa after his visit here in late 1700's. Today the red wine based on Pinot Nero is named of Casanova.
The vineyards cover 30 hectares and are positioned in the very heart of the Collio area.
Protected from Northern winds by the Alpe Giulie allows for excellent conditions.
Very impressive are the cellars under the castle. They were build as military bunkers in the 30's, but the deep cellars offer perfect conditions for the aging of the wine in both temperature and humidity. And they are very suggestive to visit.

The wines of Castello di Spessa have won numerous prices and are highly respected for their constant quality.

Additional information: Main products: White wines of both local and international grapes, red wine of international grapes. Grappa.

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