Castello di Fonterutoli, Castellina in Chianti

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The history of Castello di Fonterutoli goes al the way back to the Etruscans and the Romans. Even the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III has passed by the place. The castle is taken over by the Mazzei family in 1435. It is they who in the end of the 16th century change it in the welcoming place, it is today from having been a fortificated castle.
The Mazzei family are even today the owners.

Castello di Fonterutoli occupies 470 hectares of land. But only 79 hectares are planted with vineyards. These are divided in 4 different zones according to position, earth and microclimate. The higher zones of Fonterutoli and Badiola give elegant wines with great bouquet and the lower zones Siepi and Belvedere strong and structured wines.
Most of the land is very rocky and the wines of Fonterutoli are sometimes referred to as "Wine of Stones". This fact have contributed to the decision to yield less than 4.000 liters per hectare. Castello di Fonterutoli being considered one of the foremost producers of the Chianti Classico have won numerous international and Italian prices, both for their Chianti Classico and for their IGT, which are blends of Sangiovese and Merlot.

Additional information: Main products: 2 Chianti Classico, 2 IGT. Grappa, olive oil, products of lavender.

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