Azienda Agrigola Allegrini, Fumane

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The first document of the Allegrini family as winemakers dates back to 1557. From then and for about 100 years the family bought most of the lands today forming the total of 243 hectares of vineyards. The real development came during the period of Giovanni Allegrini, who was among the first to break old traditions and begin to look forward with increased quality as the target. He never came to see the result of his last project, la Grola. But his 3 children, who took over in 1983, have seen this wine becoming one of the most famous Veronese wines in the world. This wine from the field of the same name is solely made from Corvina and Rondinella grapes. Another recent success is the small production of La Poja, an experiment with the character of the Corvina grape. Apart from highly appreciated "normal" Valpolicella wines Allegrini also produces the Villa Giona. This wine is named after the beautiful renaissance villa and based on international grapes.

The total production of Allegrini is over 3.000.000 bottles, all made from grapes of own harvest.

Additional information: Main products: Amarone, Recioto, La Grola, La Poja, Villa Giona. Grappa, olive oil.

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