Recioto di Soave

In 1998 this was the first Veneto wine to obtain DOCG classification. Recioto is a wine with a long history; it was known already in the 5th century in the famous epistle of Cassiodoro. The Veronese dialect the word Recioto derives from "recia", the upper part of the bunch of Garganega grapes which is richest in sugars and most greatly exposed to sunlight. Just before the harvest a selection is made of the best bunches which are laid out on racks to dry.

The grapes are constantly supervised and cleaned for four to six months, until pressing. Long, slow fermentation often takes place in small barrels. This semi sweet white wine is an ideal wine for any happy occasion, whether celebrated alone or in company. Apart from the traditional still version, it is also available in the sparkling style, which makes an ideal foil for all the typical pastries of Veronese cuisine.

  • Grapes: blend of grapes: at least 70% Garganega and permitted addition of up to 30 % Trebbiano di Soave, Chardonnay, and Pinot Bianco.
  • Colour: Bright golden yellow color and nuances of golden yellow.
  • Bouquet: Intense perfumes of dry fruits, acacia honey and almond.
  • Flavour: Harmonious semi-sweet amabile and light almond flavor.
  • Aging: Minimum one year the DOCG
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Best served with: tea biscuits but the ageing process also makes it suitable for blue and strong cheeses, fat liver and all foods which enhance its oiliness.
  • Serving temperature: 18 C opening the bottle few minutes in advance.