Wine glossary

annoso aged
bianco white
frizzante semi-sparkling
liquoroso liqueur-like
normale normal, standard
novello a wine made to be sold very young; c.f. the French nouveau, as in Beaujolais nouveau
passito a rich dessert wine, where the grapes (often Moscato) are left to dry before being pressed, thus increasing the sugar content of the must
riserva reserve: a higher quality version of the wine, often with a greater alcoholic content and a protracted period of ageing
rosato rosé
rosso red
spumante fully sparkling
spumante metodo classico a sparkling wine produced in a manner similar to the Méthode Champenoise
spumante naturale again a wine in which the bubbles are a result of fermentation, rather than added carbon dioxide
superiore superior; may indicate a grade between the standard wine and the riserva, or may indicate a more restricted sub-region of the apellation
tranquillo calm, tranquil; i.e. still rather than sparkling
vendemmia grape harvest
vendemmia tardiva late harvest
vivace lively; i.e. somewhat sparkling, but less so than frizzante